A Logo

Hey, everybody is a nobody until they have a logo, then they (might become) a somebody.

Remember Zeppelin Four? Did you really know who the hell Jimmy Page was before he put ‘ZoSo’ on the cover?

So we need a logo. When one is approved by the Commissioner (cough), we’ll let you know.

All Time Teams

All Time Teams

NFL Franchises number 32 today, but there are many teams that were folded, never to return. Some, like the Canton Bulldogs (unbeaten in 1922 & 1923 winning two NFL titles) were financial failures, and folded into other squads.

The 32 existing NFL Franchises are the only ones fans pay any attention to whatsoever. (Really, when was the last time you attended a Jets game and had a guy sit next to you wearing a Jim Thorpe Canton Bulldogs jersey?).

So by ‘default’ (because we’ll need fans’ help, right?), the only Teams (by Team Mascot name, like the Chicago-St.Louis-Arizona ‘Cardinals’) we will have “All Time” rosters selected for, are these existing 32. With your help, we’re going to assemble lists of those squads. This post, we’ll set the ground rules.

In the movie “Leatherheads”, the referee at an early (fictional) NFL game jots down in his notebook a “new rule”. His comment? “That’s a good one!”. We’re sort of in the same situation… making up the rules as we go.

So… let’s list the proposed first Ten Founding Rules (TFR) that most would agree on (hey, Ten Rules was enough for the original Founder upstairs to try and reign in all humanity, and besides, we can’t call it our “Big Ten Rules”, because those guys in the Midwest might sue us, even though they have 14 Teams now, not Ten).

Rule #1… a “constitutional” set of Rules need to be established (hey, that’s a good one!).

Rule #2… Unanimity is  good thing. I propose that only those rules that are agreed on by all participants become part of the “constitution”.

Rule #3… a virtual or assigned “GM” should be responsible for each Team. Any volunteers for the roles should be a fan of not only the Team, but also the League and the process of assembling Rosters fairly.

Rule #4… Roster size should be generous… so until amended (limited), each squad should be unlimited if “automatic entries” are considered.

Rule #5… Players will only be assigned to a single team, but… may be ‘traded’ (More on why, later).

Rule #6… Every “Trade” must be approved unanimously by all GM’s, as well as the Office of the Commissioner. (Hey! We need a Commissioner!)

Rule #7… A Commissioner will be nominated and approved. As there are only three of us here, and the other two don’t want the headache…

Rule #8… Every “Pro Football Hall of Fame” inductee automatically earns a spot on an NFL team he played for. Hey… it’s the Hall. Even if you don’t agree, the guys have busts made of them. Obviously, the Hall trumps All.

Rule #9… Speaking of All… Every multiple time All Pro First Team selection also earns a spot. All Pro Team selections are good enough for player contract bonus provisions, after… um… All.

Rule #10…  Fans of the Teams should be allowed to nominate their favorite players, regardless of tangible discrete accomplishments. A certain amount of Fan support should be enough for inclusion. For example, if 2.3 million Bears fans want Brian Piccolo on their All Time Bears team, who are we to say no. Of course, we need an objective way to measure that… how about Retired Numbers?

Hey, that’s a good one too.